We started with the simple idea of having a MACS 5 reunion. It soon grew into a joint MACS reunion due to the fact that most of us are veterans of multiple Squadrons.

After our first official reunion we had in June 2017, we decided to form a board, start a non profit, and in join our reunions with the MACCS veterans.

We received our non profit 501C3 status in the fall of 2017. We formed the board of directors, and voted to have reunions every other year on alternating coasts.

In addition to having reunions, we will be helping MACS Veterans in need with donations made from our association of MACS Veterans.

We also hope that this will become the one place for all things MACS/MACCS. Forums are available for our veterans to help find lost MACS members

All donations are fully tax deductible. Our annual financial statements will be released upon written request (Fill out contact us Questionnaire).